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To Change Your Behavior Now, Imagine Your Future Self

Many of us think that the person we are today is the person we’ll always be. We cling to labels like “I’m an introvert,” or “I’m not good with people.” But that type of thinking leaves little room for growth. The reality is that we can and do change. So don’t be so wedded to who you are today. Instead, intentionally focus on who you want to be. Start by recognizing how much you’ve grown and changed from your former self. This will serve as a reminder that growth is possible. Then imagine who you want to be in the future. Maybe you want to be more comfortable chatting with new people, or more confident in your professional skills. Keep that vision of yourself top of mind. Research shows that your behavior in the present is largely shaped by your view of your future. Then hold yourself accountable by telling other people who you want to be. This can be scary, but it will compel you to make your actions consistent with your new story.

This tip is adapted from Take Ownership of Your Future Self,” by Benjamin Hardy

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